Saturday, November 17, 2018

Amigurumi Little Fox Free Pattern

Amigurumi Little Fox Free Pattern
Do you want to tie that Fox?

Start knitting from the body, from the bottom up:
1 row: 2VP, in the second loop from the hook to knit 6SBN. = 6st.
2 row: 6d. = 12st.
3 row: (1SBN, etc.) * 6 = 18st.
4 row: (2SBB., etc.) * 6 = 24art.
5th row: (3SBB., etc.) * 6 = 30st.
6 row: (4SBB., etc.) * 6 = 36 art.
7 row: (5SBB., etc.) * 6 = 42 art.
8 row: 42 = 42 art.
Change thread to contrast
9-15 rows: 42 = 42 art.
Attach the orange thread, green not cut off, leave the buttonhole with the green (or the one you have chosen) thread.
16 Series: For the long halves of the loops orange thread 42. = 42 art.
17-20 Series: 42
21 Row: (5SBB., UB.) * 6 = 36 art.
22 row: (4SBB., UB.) * 6 = 30st.
23 Row: (3SBB., UB.) * 6 = 24art.
Fill the detail 
24 row: (2SBB., UB.) * 6 = 18st.
25 row: (1SBB., UB.) * 6 = 12st.
26 Row: 6ub. = 6st.
Fasten the thread, pull the hole.

Friday, March 30, 2018

Baby-doll Crochet

Baby-doll crochet
Baby-doll crochet

Baby-doll crochet

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Crochet Doll // Free Pattern

crochet doll free pattern

How do you like the idea to crochet a little doll? Look at what pattern I prepared for you!

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Clown Crochet Free Pattern // Turkish

clown crochet pattern
 I would like to present you a free pattern for crocheting a clown crochet in Turkish.
Translation from Russian into Turkish was performed by my subscriber in Instagram
Enjoy your crocheting!

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Funny Clown Crochet // Pattern

Funny Clown Crochet // Pattern
I suggest you will crochet a funny clown!

The growth of the toy is about 16 cm., Only shorts are removed.

For crochetting you need several colors of yarn and a hook, suitable for the number, filler and accessories for decoration.

I will be happy if you show the finished toy, which you will crochet. You can upload a photo in my group on Facebook

You can also post this pattern on other resources, but please indicate the active link to my site. Enjoy your crochetting!

Saturday, March 25, 2017

How to crochet a dress for a doll

How to crochet a dress for a doll
I suggest you crochet a dress for a doll today.

This dress crocheting very quickly and simply, but it looks rather impressive. In size fit for a small doll or a pupa about the size of about 12cm. For a pupa, yo-yo is also suitable.

This dress is crocheted with the same yarn as the doll and the same hook number. Specifically: I used the Alize "Baby wool" yarn and hook # 2.

You, of course, use that yarn and the number of the hook that suits you. I indicated the type of yarn and the size of the hook in order to make it easier for you to orient with the size of the dress for the doll.

And now, in fact, the description of crocheting: