Saturday, March 25, 2017

How to crochet a dress for a doll

How to crochet a dress for a doll
I suggest you crochet a dress for a doll today.

This dress crocheting very quickly and simply, but it looks rather impressive. In size fit for a small doll or a pupa about the size of about 12cm. For a pupa, yo-yo is also suitable.

This dress is crocheted with the same yarn as the doll and the same hook number. Specifically: I used the Alize "Baby wool" yarn and hook # 2.

You, of course, use that yarn and the number of the hook that suits you. I indicated the type of yarn and the size of the hook in order to make it easier for you to orient with the size of the dress for the doll.

And now, in fact, the description of crocheting:

Monday, March 13, 2017

How to Crochet a Cute Hat

crochet hat for doll pattern
Hi, crochet lovers!

Are you ready to crochet a bit? How about a warm cute hat for your doll? Let's do it together!

This hat is crochet like this

Crochet 44 ch. and close in a circle. 

You can crochet more or less loops if you want to made a hat of a different size. The main thing is that the number of loops is even.

1 rnd: 44 double crochet = 44
2-9 rnds: (1 front post dc, 1back post dc)*repeat = 44
10 rnd: 22 decrease (crochet front post dc) = 22
11 rnd: 11 decrease (crochet front post dc) = 11
12 rnd: 1 dc., 5 decrease (crochet front post dc) = 6
 Draw a hole.

I hope, I clearly explained.

Do you like this hat?