Friday, June 26, 2020

Pretty Little Goby. Amigurumi

crochet goby
Hello everyone and welcome to my blog "Crochet your happiness"!

Today we are going to crochet a pretty little bull. As you know, goby is a symbol of 2020, so it's of current interest.

For crocheting, you will need:

- Yarn of 3-4 colors (I used half-cotton thread Yarn Art Jeans 165m/50gr)

- a hook that fits the number (I used a 2 millimeter crochet hook)

- filler

- half-beads for the eyes (you can embroider)

- eye shadows

You can save the pictures of the pattern to your device and crochet whenever it's comfortable for you.

goby crochet
goby crochet
goby crochet

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Enjoy crocheting!

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