Monday, March 13, 2017

How to Crochet a Cute Hat

crochet hat for doll pattern
Hi, crochet lovers!

Are you ready to crochet a bit? How about a warm cute hat for your doll? Let's do it together!

This hat is crochet like this

Crochet 44 ch. and close in a circle. 

You can crochet more or less loops if you want to made a hat of a different size. The main thing is that the number of loops is even.

1 rnd: 44 double crochet = 44
2-9 rnds: (1 front post dc, 1back post dc)*repeat = 44
10 rnd: 22 decrease (crochet front post dc) = 22
11 rnd: 11 decrease (crochet front post dc) = 11
12 rnd: 1 dc., 5 decrease (crochet front post dc) = 6
 Draw a hole.

I hope, I clearly explained.

Do you like this hat?

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